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Swimming for Dogs

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for your dog because most of the muscles normally used in movement are involved in swimming but with one significant difference. None of the stresses caused by motion on hard ground are present.

While these stresses are necessary to maintain healthy strong bones and joints however, if these stresses are severe or repetitive they can damage or weaken the limbs. Swimming allows the “working out” and strengthening of the muscles while avoiding unnecessary stresses. Also, because of the increased resistance to movement caused by the water, the muscles have to work harder than they would do on land.

  • There are other benefits to swimming such as:
  • Increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen to the muscles
  • Increased muscle relaxation and a reduction in pain and stiffness
  • Enhances healing from injury
  • Increased cardiovascular health
  • Improvements in respiration system

Swimming also tones most of the major muscle groups and improves the general health and fitness of the dog. Movement in water is more difficult due to the resistance of the water. Water based exercise uses 30% more oxygen than similar land based exercise.

By encouraging pain free limb movement against the resistance of water, muscle bulk will improve and muscle wastage will be reversed making swimming an excellent form of exercise for all dogs, especially seniors.

Swimming sessions are open to all Glasgow Dog Training Club Members and are held once a month at Allers Farm Kennels in Blantyre.

Allers Farm, Stoneymeadow Road, Blantyre, G72 9UE

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